Austin Allies Mission and Beliefs

The Mission - Empathy is both our motivation and our goal

Austin Allies is a volunteer organization for families that serve the Greater Austin Area. We believe in the transformative power of the volunteer experience and that engagement builds empathy. We welcome all who want to  make a positive difference in our community.

Austin Allies believes that all people are worthy, deserve respect, and should be treated with dignity. Our members are active learners and informed citizens who see the value in supporting underserved communities.

Our Beliefs - We are learners and partners, actively engaged in our community

We Believe in Following the Example of our Partners

We believe that our non-profit partners are the leaders. As an organization, we strive to honor them by supporting the daily work they do. Their guidance, and not our desires, determine where and how we serve.

We Believe in Engaging with the Community

We believe that empathy is built when we engage actively with volunteer work. We offer in-person opportunities to work alongside non-profit partners and community members. Due to privacy and safety concerns, some of our partnerships are best served through donations, both monetary and in-kind, which are then processed via Allies. However, as often as possible, we strive to create opportunities to engage in-person alongside our partners and community members.  

We Believe that Service Builds Equity

We do not see ourselves as separate from the people we serve. In honoring and engaging directly with our partners and their clients, we see Allies as part of a larger community of people working together to build a city that is more welcoming and equitable.

We Believe in Building Future Citizens

Children are fundamental to our mission. We believe in teaching our children about service, equity and empathy. Our youngest Allies actively participate in service projects for their community, volunteer in-person, and learn about the world from rich, diverse stories.