Two years ago, we formed Austin Allies in order to demonstrate to our children what it means to be kind, caring, and giving. It remains as important to us today as it was that very first day to be able to model these types of behaviors for our kids and to teach them that this world - that our world and our community - only works when people lend a hand and take care of one another.

Now, over 700 days and 300 volunteers later, we would like to take this season of Thanksgiving to once again tell each and every person who has offered up their time, goods, or money, from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU. As we said when we set out to form Austin Allies, none of this can succeed if we don’t get help from all of you. And now, because of all of your generosity, love, and support, we can celebrate our second anniversary with our sights set on an even better and more productive future for our organization!

We’ll have some exciting announcements over the next few days and months about Allies, but know that our commitment to providing kids and their grown-ups fun opportunities to volunteer and donate will never waver! We have seen firsthand over the past two years that kids love helping and giving back to their community, so whether it’s our teens serving up a salad at the Ronald McDonald house, our littles sorting diapers at the Austin Diaper Bank, or any of the other incredible volunteer opportunities in-between, Austin Allies remains committed to our city and its people now and hopefully for a long time to come!


Erika, Vanessa, and the Austin Allies Team