All About Allies

Who We Are

A volunteer group for local families looking to connect with our community through service projects, donation drives, book clubs, Family Fun Nights and more.


What We Do

It can be quite difficult to find ways for children to volunteer with their parents. Austin Allies’ primary goal is to make that process simple. We discover and create opportunities for families to come together to support charitable organizations across the city.  By reaching out to organizations serving people from all walks of life, we find out how we can best be supportive – through physical volunteer work, donation drives, providing funds or goods, or simply joining together to bridge the divides that too often separate people in a busy city.

A secondary goal, but one we feel is just as important, is to gather to learn about and discuss topics that are relevant to the organizations we serve and the broader world.  Through book clubs, playdates, and other gatherings, we can share ideas and expand our worldview with the goal of building empathy and understanding.

We also want to help spread the word about the numerous charitable organizations in Austin.  There are so many people doing amazing things to help those in need and we want our members to know about and support them!


Why It Matters

The impact of our work is two-fold. First, it provides valuable support to charitable organizations. When these groups have support from the community, they can more easily serve those that need them the most.  At Austin Allies, we hope that the burden of monetary and donation needs, as well as the necessary physical labor, can be lifted for these groups so that they can better serve our neighbors in need.

Secondly, we believe that giving and understanding is an important lesson for our children to learn. It’s an important practice for them to partake in. Studies show that when kids volunteer from a young age, they are more likely to continue to do so as they grow up – all the way into adulthood.  These kids discover how important it is to help others, achieve more in school, learn to better understand people who are different from them, develop a strong work ethic, and become successful leaders.  (Molly Latham.  "Young Volunteers: The Benefits of Community Service.")  

At Austin Allies, we hope to help kids discover how important it is to help others.  By volunteering together as a family, you are also creating lasting bonds and memories that come from working together to make your community a better place.